Plumbing Safety Basics

  It is a good idea to review some plumbing safety basics prior to beginning any does it you repairs or projects. You can avoid injury and complete your projects successfully by following some basic safety methods and precautions. To help you, here are some plumbing safety tips that you must strictly follow to ensure a successful work. 

    Be Informed 

    Before starting a plumbing project, it is advisable that you check the local building and plumbing codes and laws. You must determine what work will require a professional and what work that you can accomplish by yourself.  

    If you think that you will need professional services for your plumbing work, there are many credible plumbing services available such as Kitchener plumbing services that offer high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

    Protect Your Eyes 

    When doing any plumbing work it is advisable that you wear safety goggles especially if your work involves anything that could possibly hurt your eyes. Works such as hammering, using a drill, and snaking drain can pose danger to your eyes. For any tool used, most tool manufacturers specify that you must use protection. When you least expect it, various things can fly up or fall down into your eye. 

    Protect Your Hands 

    To protect your hands, you must wear appropriate work gloves since when doing plumbing projects, your hands come into contact with a variety of materials and chemicals. An easy way to prevent injuries is by using gloves. 

    It is a good idea to wear latex gloves underneath leather gloves to shield you from germs generally found in drain lines. To protect your hands against the snake, you can use proper drain gloves. It is also encouraged that you use latex or something that resembles it to add extra protection. 

    Protect Your Lungs 

    To protect your lungs, use a face mask when necessary. Take extra precaution when your work involves sanding or sawing, to prevent inhalation of dust particle you use a disposable face mask. 

    Be Cautious 

    When using power tools, exercise caution and follow the suggestions for use. Staying focused on the project and keeping two hands on the power tool are the major reasons for injuries. When you soldering or using heat on pipes, you must be extra cautious especially on the wall or if you are quite near any insulation. 

    Have a Helper 

    Completing your projects safer and easier can be achieved by having a helper or a spotter. Using a drain machine can be quite difficult since in most cases you will be using two of your hands on the cable. An extra hand is of great help if you need to unplug the machine quickly. 

    Read Labels 

    When using machines or chemicals, you must always read labels and instructions. At all times, you must follow the recommendations. To know what to do in case of an emergency, it is beneficial if you check the warning labels on the equipment and product. 

    Carry Tools Properly 

    To carry sharp or pointed tools around, it is advisable that you use a tool belt or a tool box to ensure that your tools will not stab you while you are working.  When you least expect it, a sharp tool in your pocket can cause injury.