Most of us would prefer the working office beside a window. Even when we are studying at home, we prefer somewhere that has a cold breeze that only windows, if not air condition, provide. There is just something beautiful about being able to work beside a window, whether you reading, writing, composing something, or just purely being productive, a window beside you, giving you the full landscape of the outside and allows the wind to caress you and give a different experience when you want to be productive.

However, are you sure that your windows are clean enough to provide you with those experiences? And don’t you now that dirty windows do have risky consequences for you? This is something that window cleaners Frisco knows and wants to avoid, and so they provide an excellent service in cleaning your windows the way you clearly deserve.

The following are the risks of having a dirty window in your house or in your office:

1. They accommodate dust mites

When you fail to have a regular cleaning of your windows, dust could accumulate on your window, and together with this dust are dust mites. Dust mites are small insects that are almost invisible in the naked eye. These dust mites could go with the air that you breathe and cause some allergy and some respiratory problems because of these feces.

2.They could contribute to air pollution

There has been research that shows that windows, both in residential and commercial areas, continue to the air pollution that we are experiencing right now. If your windows have some grime and oils on them, this issue becomes more pronounced. Grimes could have nitrogen compounds that are linked to smog. This creates a problem when this accumulates in your office or bedroom.

3.Bacteria in your windows

A window is consistently exposed to the external environment and therefore is a good breeding ground for bacteria. You might not see it but there is a lot of bacteria multiplying on the surface of your window, especially when you fail at doing cleaning maintenance on a regular basis. These bacteria can lead to different pathogens that induce allergy, diseases in your house, and/or in your office.

4.Molds can accumulate in your window.

You might have heard that windows can be good insulation for your house and office, this is not always the case. In fact, the opposite usually happens. When a window is not regularly cleaned and maintained, this might cause condensation that leads to molds growth. When there is condensation, the surrounding of the window frames or some parts of it become humid, and damp. This is an ideal ground of breeding molds. Molds have negative implications for your house and your health in general. Molds are allergens that could induce breathing difficulty, respiratory problems, skin rashes, eye reddening, and other issues that you could avoid when you maintain and clean your windows regularly.

Final thoughts

As you see, there are many reasons why you need to clean your windows. As much as it can provide you with a very good experience in productivity, it can also harm you in many ways. So, make sure to clean them whenever possible.